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Saturday, June 19, 2021

What Are We To Do With All the Unvaxxed!

Before we move forward, let it be known that I am no doctor, but...

A little birdie told me that there are many, many unvaccinated walking among us. Yes!  There are radical racists who refuse to get the EXPERIMENTAL GENETIC TREATMENT that's so wrongly dubbed a 'Vaccine.' 

I spoke to a nurse the other day about the vaccine issue. In fact, I've spoken to many nurses along the way (I've had a few reasons to visit various doctor's offices) and  most all of them confess that they and their husbands did not get the 'jab,' as it's so affectionately called these daze. And when I ask about doctors, they tell me that many of the doctors they work with won't take it either. 

"It's experimental!" one nurse said. 

The Law and Experimental Drugs

I've been told that it's actually not legal for an employer to make an experimental vaccination or any other experimental drug part of the employment conditions. And yet California has set up what equates to the underpinnings of a vaccine passport system. 

We’re better enabling California to verify their vaccination status to ensure our state is in a better position to encourage the best practices for reducing the spread of COVID-19,” California State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan told reporters on a call (read more).

If you haven't taken the 'jab' yet, for my money, I'd suggest you stick to your guns. The following video is a reminder of what you may very well face if you take it. And understand this, that the science behind it, as spoken of by many professionals who work in the medical field, have gone on record saying that the time it will take for the true outcome of this huge experiment to become known is measured in months.  

Why do you think that FDA approval normally involves years of testing?  By the way, FDA did not approve this experiment we're in as a society... so watch what the science says about this, not the political science... 

I had a very good friend by the name of Cristeen Negulis Mangeris who was in a nursing home after a hip replacement because rehab was unable to provide  her with the necessary rehab services due to the "lockdown." She was tested regularly for COVID-19--some nursing homes up to three times a day--and her son told me she always tested negative. 

I spoke to Cris the very week she died. She confessed that she had been given the 'jab,' and I got the feeling she didn't have a choice (being she was in this nursing home). She cried over the phone, telling me she had a bad feeling that she wasn't going to get out of that place alive--and she was right. Her grandchildren also spoke to her the very day she died. 

When the death certificate was issued, the said cause of death was 'COVID,' with 'pneumonia' as a complication... but there was no sign of pneumonia that I or anyone else detected. I am no doctor, but I have to say that there's no better way I can think of to hide the cause of death than to classify that death as COVID. Sad indeed....

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