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Monday, August 3, 2015

Are We Painting Ourselves Into a Proverbial Corner by Embracing IoT Technology?

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It's been said more then once that technology will be Society's downfall. In light of what I see going on today--how private industry and the Federal Government itself are connecting everything in sight, including our critical infrastructure, to the Internet--this is exactly what's happening, or should I say, this is what's going to happen. It's a matter of when, not if.

What makes it even worse, these criminals are afforded the comfort of their own homes as they reach out across the sea to do us harm. From that vantage point they can beat at the front, side, and back doors of our most cherished utilities, defensive portals, and much more, and they can do it from the comfort of their own armchairs.

And now, we as individuals and companies are contemplating the connection of oodles of electronic sensors that we intend to install throughout our homes, businesses, and gov agencies to the Internet for the entire world to "see." Talk about an intelligence officer's dream! In short order all kinds of devices will begin to appear on the clothes we wear, as we're already wearing some of them on our wrists and around our necks. And, in due time, they'll migrate from these spots into our very bodies.

With all of this tech coming into so many lives, and collecting so much information about consumers and workers, there is a broad potential sensorsrity risk. Malicious software can steal personal information and activity patterns from consumers, and if someone uses personal devices for work, enterprise-level intelligence can be at risk, too. click here to read more.

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but it also might be the very means by which the dictators and tyrants of today's world somehow enslaves us. This reminds me of the young boy who painted his parent's garage floor gray. He was so intent on doing a good job that he painted himself into a corner where there was no escape, no door to make his exist through. The question is, are we painting ourselves into a corner with all these connected technologies?

Isn't our smartphones enough of a risk? Think about it.

Al Colombo

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