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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tips For Minimizing Security Risks on Social Media

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In my blog post entitled Privacy Vs. Networking, published on What on Earth are We Doing Here, we discussed the issue of privacy while networking socially on the Internet and how much of the problem sits with the user, not specifically the network we're on.
All of this is quickly changing as more and more of us become far too comfortable with sharing far too much on the social media channels we frequent. The following short video, entitled "Social Media & Privacy - Be aware of what you share," on Mohammad A. Itani's YouTube channel, features a number of common sense dos and donts that act as a reminder of how little privacy we really have on Facebook, as one example.

First, read the condition and terms before signing on the dotted line. Secondly, Be frugal with what and how much personal information you offer when signing up for these services. And third, don't spill your guts out there and expect to keep your life private.
Do you have other ideas on how to stay safe in the world of cyber-life? Please share it with me!
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