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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Businesses are ready to reopen but no one wants to work!

How long do you think the gov't will continue giving everyone
all this money until 1) it runs out, and/or
2) the honeymoon is over and it's down to brass tax?

The $1400 to $2000 payments to everyday people is having an adverse effect on the fabric of our
nation. I mentioned in an earlier post that our local Taco Bell had to close everyday at 2 p.m. because "we don't have the manpower to stay open." So much for the "open until 4 a.m." hours. 

Now, we're hearing this from virtually every quarter of society. 

What's so sad, really, is the fact that the gov't will only do this until the Federal Reserve Corporation decides to call the note... so to speak, and that means that someone else truly owns America--it's not us. 

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Without further ado, read the Epoch Times' story on how no one wants to work in a restaurant any more because the gov't is paying them to sit on their lazy, good-for-nothing butts. --Al Colombo

Restaurants Ready to Hire, but Government Payments Keep Workers Home 

As more and more states start easing pandemic restrictions, restaurants large and small are grappling with a widespread problem: hiring employees.  

Owners and managers from New York, California, Washington, and Chicago told The Epoch Times hiring woes have become a nightmare amid a litany of other challenges like indoor occupancy rules. They say the federal unemployment bonuses handed out during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic incentivized people to stay home instead of working. (read more)

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