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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Will the real COVID facts stand up. Will you believe what the data says?

Let the CDC and Census Bureau numbers speak for themselves...

There are three exhibits I wish to present to you, both based on CDC numbers along with the most recent 2020 census information. The big chart shows TOTAL deaths suffered within the United States for the various years, including 2020 and 2019, to which this blog post speaks. 

Comparing Total Deaths in 2020 to 2019

In population, we gained 2.8M bodies in 2020. When it's all said and done, we had an increase in deaths of less than 20K over that of 2019! Look at the numbers. The rate of death, or death rate, for both 2019 and 2020 are IDENTICAL!!! Oh, you disbelieve these numbers, even though they originate with the CDC? My retort is that there is and may never be a cure for stupid

This is the raw data, minus the political health spin.... Raw data. 

In the words of a friend who owns two funeral homes, he had no more than 3 Covid-related deaths for most or all of 2020! He said he had to go borrow money and if they lock it down again, he's done. Look at the big chart below and don't be political about it, be inquisitive enough to open your mind and look at the numbers:

What's Our Chance of Getting COVID-19?

Now, this chart, which was put together with CDC's own accepted numbers, says that the average person has less than 0.028% chance of dying in the 70  years plus age group. I'm dropping this chart on the right.

Now, I ask you, did we overreact a bit?  Or was this another red-flag event cooked up by the NWO/DS? 

What's Our Chances of Recovery?

What about our chances of recovery if we get it?  Want to see something even more shocking?  I've sent all of these things to you before, but this next one should really piss you off.  Our chance of survivability is in the 98+ percentile. Look it over, all based on CDC numbers, this one issued by  Florida's DeSantis. 

In closing, I'd like to suggest that the good people of the world were duped. My message to 1) businesses is NOT to follow any unconstitutional mandates. What affects one group of Americans ultimately affects all of us. 2) And to those who have yet to take the vaxx: 

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