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Monday, September 20, 2021

Nurse Says Someone's Scrubbing Medical Records of Vaccinated to Say They're NOT Vaccinated! Here's Why...

I had a life-long friend die shortly after taking the Jab
and the death certificate says she died of COVID.

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Those behind this "Vaccine" effort are very smart, indeed. At every turn they have designed this vaccine effort to 1) hide the truth, 2) build on the lies, and 3) perpetuate itself simply by the injuries and deaths that are actually vaccine related, but they label them as COVID. 

All of this we've known for some time. However, this young nurse--representing 400 other nurses who are about to quit their jobs or be fired--has just given us another key factor pertaining to the deception being perpetuated by the most diabolical and murderous creatures on or off this planet. She's telling us that someone is scrubbing the medical records of the vaccinated who enter these hospitals with COVID!

She says that when asked, these patients tell them they are fully vaxx'd, and  yet the medical records say "nope." Why would they do that? Let me give you my personal take on this. Perhaps they're doing it so the nurses can't say otherwise, and the legacy, complicit news org's can tell the unsuspecting masses that hospitals are filling up with COVID-laden UNVAXX'd!!  

It's an ingenious  plan if you think about it. We know they're calling every death they can a COVID death. People died in car and motorcycle accidents and what do you find on their death certificates: COVID!  Now, why would you expect any different from these lying, murderous people? Lies, lies, and more lies.

Please watch the following video. Learn what's really going on in our hospitals--at least the one where this young lady and many of her group of 400 work in! --Al Colombo

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