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Friday, June 6, 2014

The "Open Data" Movement Takes Off

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Although the "open data" movement may be new to most of us, it began in 2009.

"At least 39 states and 46 cities and counties have created open-data sites since the federal government, Utah, California and the cities of San Francisco and Washington, D.C., began opening data in 2009, according to the federal site," (Source:

What does open data do for cities, the federal gov, and commercial concerns?

"Open-data advocates, such as President Barack Obama’s former information chief Vivek Kundra, estimate a multibillion-dollar industry can be spawned by taking raw government data files on sectors such as weather, population, energy, housing, commerce or transportation and turn them into products for the public to consume or other industries to pay for.

"They can be as simple as mobile phone apps identifying every stop sign you will encounter on a trip to a different town, or as intricate as taking weather and crops data and turning it into insurance policies farmers can buy" (Source:

Let's all ponder the potential here. The question in my mind is "how much data of a personal nature is included in these data depositories being published online for enterprising people and others to utilize for whatever end they so desire?"

Want to do some research or some simple reading on open data? Try this link:

For personal security information and products,

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