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Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Solution to an Out of Control Congress

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I'm back!

In my last diatribe (blog post) I ranted and raved about the crybaby, whiny Leftists and their Liberal bleeding hearts throughout American society and the issue of President Donald Trump (click here).

I apologize for being so angry when I wrote that post. The fact is, these misguided folks are entitled to think and say as they wish. My only caution is NOT to allow them to dethrone this president based on seemingly popular OPINION because that is NOT how elections are conducted here in the U.S., especially where it involves seats as important as that in the Oval Office of the White House.

Frankly, judging by the antics of the past four or five presidents, we ought to call it the BIG HOUSE.

If you're not sure what "big house" means, check out the definition to the right, courtesy of Urban Dictionary.

What we've seen and heard over the last few months is encouraging. Many of the personal attacks launched by the political Left against Trump as well as others who appear to support him have not only tasted like sour grapes to the public, even Liberals, but many times they've actually backfired on those who launched them. The public have woken up from a long sleep, or so it would seem. Many of us are absolutely fed up with all the nonsense being reported by news media that should know better. Trump coined the term "fake news," and it's certainly a good description of what it really is.

We need to stop taking Washington's word for anything.

Here's the Solution to Congress' Problem

Did you know that originally Congress was slated to travel to the nation's capital to conduct the people's business for ONLY 6 weeks a year. The rest of the year they were to go back home to their families and their regular work. Herein lies the problem with the system as it is today.

Where early Congressmen were ordinary people etching out an ordinary living leading ordinary lives, today's Congressmen and Congresswomen are career POLITICIANS (that last word should have read LAWMAKERS but we know that most of them are political and not pro-Americans). If we had the same system that we had when this nation was formed, perhaps there wouldn't be such a disconnect between our Congress and its people.

We need Congressmen with their ear to the ground and their boots firmly planted on U.S. soil.

Al Colombo

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