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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Three Videos That Explain the Who, What, Where, When, and How Behind the Deadly, Murderous 'Clot Shot' Scam

If you're here for a quick answer, for a fast look,
perhaps this is not the place for you to be.

In God we trust! (image)
In God we trust! 
There's such a groundswell of scientists and healthcare professionals now coming forward that it's got to have an effect on those who have yet to take the toxic genetic therapy jab, or "vaxx" as those who created this depopulation effort so wrongly labeled it. 

The videos on this page offer up shocking information on the science behind what the Global Cabal has done as it applies to the insanity we now see all around us. Hysteria en masse, people who once didn't trust a word that Gov't said, even diehard Conservatives, bought into it: hook, line, and sinker!

May the Lord have mercy. (image)
May the Lord have mercy.
The first video deals with how we got where we are as a worldwide society. In other words, it tells how an entire world of people were conned into believing a fake scenario. Even friends of mine who I told years ago about this depopulation agenda (as told to me by individuals in the military intel community) took it! Conservatives at that!  How on Earth did they do this to us?

This remarkable video resides on Bitchute, a free-speech video platform, and it's offered by TheWatchTowers.Org. "The Mass hypnosis carried out on the worlds population during the 'COVID PLANDEMIC',” and after that you'll find more videos that discuss the What, Where, When, Why, and How behind the COVID scam, and a SCAM it truly is: 

This next video involves a Federal HHS employee who has chosen to come forward and tell all, and tell all she does.  Listen, you have to see this. If you have children and you're thinking about allowing this jab to occur to them, don't do it until you've seen this video. And for heaven sake, make sure that the school hasn't somehow found a way to bypass parental consent, which is taking place in many areas of the nation. 

This last video is just as dynamic as the last two. ""Front line hospital staff blow whistle on mass murder agenda and fraud of the PCR test to drive the clot shot."

N O W!

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