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Monday, July 9, 2018

If You Love Socialism or Communism that Much, Why Not Live In One?

The Right to own, carry, and possess firearms should NEVER be questioned for ALL Americans, not just Texans!
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When I read the headline "School shooting may not bring change to gun-loving Texas," I said to myself, " it shouldn't!" (see the quote below).
There's a difference between a Democracy and a Republic. I know there are those reading this who will find it hard to understand, but the United States is NOT a Democracy, it's technically a Republic.

 School shooting may not bring change to gun-loving Texas | AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas has more than 1.2 million licensed handgun owners who can openly carry their weapons in public. The state hosted the National Rifle Association's annual meeting two weeks ago. And until Monday, the governor's re-election website was raffling off a shotgun. (click here)

The reason why our Founding  Fathers made it such is that in a Democracy it's quite possible to change a nation's laws in almost an instant by turning the hearts and minds of a majority of citizens away from those laws. When something like this takes place, there are those out there who automatically begin pulling at your heartstrings.

First, they have worked furiously to change the underpinnings of this nation from its true Republic form of government to that of a Democracy. They are working very hard to convince you and I that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights--the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution--are fluid, that they can be altered in an instant by a Constitutional vote, or some such nonsense.

The bottom line is, if you like Communism or Socialism that terribly much, there are a bunch of Socialistic and Communistic countries out there, so why not go live in one of them and leave the rest of us alone? You'd be happy (at least until you figure out the mistake you just made) and those of us who prefer freedom will be happy.

Al Colombo

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