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Monday, March 11, 2019

OBE's and the Big Picture (part 2)

image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' In "Thinking Without Words," a discussion of thought without the hindrance of language, I spoke of my original intent to learn the art of leaving one's body, also called Out of Body Experiences (OBE's). On December 24th, 2018, I then wrote the Weblog article entitled "OBE's and the Big Picture (part 1)," which went deeper into the OBE issue, based on personal experience. In part 2 and 3, I'm going to reveal the big picture based on my own personal experiences.
Side note: I may be 68 going on 69, but the truth is, I'm much older, and it's likely so are you. But I've digressed already and I've just begun.

Perhaps what troubles me that I'm revealing bits and pieces of myself that I've worked so hard to hide most of my life, other than revealing them to a select few. Because of my political opinions, I have enemies and I really don't like giving them too much information which they will ultimately use against me in any way they can. But the fact is, we're here on Earth to do a job, and to that mission I must remain faithful, so it is my fate to tell you what I know of the "big picture."

What's the Big Picture Anyway?

The definition of the "Big Picture" is, according to Wikipedia, by virtue of inference, is "a top down perspective on a problem or situation." To me, it means taking a step back to look at a situation, a thing in order to see a larger part of what makes it what it is. Most of the time, we do not have the big picture because we're either too busy to take the time to study the situation, or perhaps we just don't want to know for what ever reason we may have.

So for me, the big picture, as it pertains to the OBE phenomena, involves the positioning of the human self with that of the Astral, Spiritual, or Subspace self, which ever you want to call it. So here's the question we'll work on, and once answered, you will have the big picture concerning OBE's. Keep in mind, there are many big pictures as it pertains to many things in life. Today, we're dealing with the OBE big picture. Tomorrow, or a month from now, we'll deal with the big picture as it pertains to some other portion of reality.

Here's the question that we're seeking a reasonable answer to:

"How can we be here and yet there?"

First, where is "here" and where is "there?" "Here" is this physical universe, or what we like to think of as a "physical." In reality, this construct is anything but solid. Made up of atoms, we know there is more space within matter than actual matter. "Here" is where we live, work, love, and find enjoyment. It's where our friends and family live. It's where everything we know resides.

So, where is "there?" In this case, "there" is in the Astral, Subspace, or Spiritual realm. Most of us readily believe that it's where we go when we die, and in a sense that is true. But the bigger picture is this, it's where we are and where we'll remain once this physical body ceases to function. Let's call it the "Astral" realm from hence forth.

We're not going to get into the "quantum" debate as to the true nature of that which we find ourselves immersed in, as we'll leave that discussion for another day. Right now, we're going to stick to the issue at hand.

The human body, as we so often and commonly refer to it, and as I have come to understand it, is a biological machine of immense complexity. It's made by way of the most advanced technology available to only God, or to a lessor extend to Plato's gods. God's Word calls it the human body a "vessel," and we're told that it's possible to ask the Holy Spirit to enter and dwell within it along with ourselves.

Yes, we dwell within a vessel, which means we are not that which we appear to dwell within. The human body, as a complex machine, is like a motor vehicle. We get in, we get out. We use it, it dies, and we move on to other things. But all the while, whether inside the vessel or outside, we have an existence separate from that which we occupy while we're here in the physical realm.

In part 3, we'll go deeper into the issue of "here" and "there." For now, meditate and ask God for "truth," and that truth will "set you free."

Allan Colombo

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