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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to Assure the Safety of Your Family at Home

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As times get tougher we're going to see more and more crime occurring in the streets all around us. Those of you who live in the city will be especially vulnerable to criminals as well as others who may be out of work and in need of food to fee their families. I know this sort of thing is unpleasant to chat about, and I know that no one really wants to think about it, but this is a reality even now as I write this blog post.

Protecting yourself and your family is an important aspect of being a husband, a mother, or a father. It's frustrating when we fail to do so, and even worse, it can be devastating wen we fail to do so and something terrible happens because of our own ignorance or thoughtlessness.

A good example of this recently took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, where two women and three children were shot by three men. Police say the shooters were already inside the home when the shooting took place, which may or may not mean they were given access to the home by those inside.

The following list offers some advice on how to stay safe and sound in your own home:

  1. Never open the door to someone you don't know. Find out who it is before unlocking the door.
  2. Install some means whereby you can easily and quickly discern who it is that's knocking at the door. One suggesting is a simple battery-operated intercom.
  3. A camera will give you visual confirmation that a) the person is who he/she says they are, and b) that there's no one else with them.
  4. You also can install video intercom units that have both an intercom and a camera.
  5. Use a chain latch on the inside of the door to give you that extra margin of safety in case the person you're expecting is not the one you thought he was or he suddenly decides to do you harm.
  6. Install a quality deadbolt lock on all doors leading into the home. Be sure to use a single-cylinder lock with a thumb turn on the inside of the door to assure rapid escape in case of a fire.
  7. A wireless panic button worn around the neck will enable you to gain the help of others in the neighborhood as well as police and paramedics when ans where needed.
  8. If it's a service man and you were not aware of his coming to your home or apartment, ask for the name of his supervisor, call his company, and ask for the super to describe his man. If you are still unsure, ask him to come back when your husband or a friend is present.
  9. If your children walk to school, you need to be with them. Walk them to and from school every day.
  10. Have quality lighting installed outside of each entrance and make sure it works. Burglars and robbers do not like light and that will make them go elsewhere to burglarize.
There are many more possible things to do at home or at your apartment to reduce your crime risk. In the coming weeks I'll offer additional suggestions.

Al Colombo

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