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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Does Gun Control (Registration) Lead to Gun Confiscation?

Let's Ask the Germans of the Late 1930's. I'll bet they could tell us plenty!

What makes me a little different than most human beings here in the “free world” is my education. No, I'm not talking about degrees, I'm referring to the common everyday things that define us. For me, it was a teacher or two in elementary school and junior high that explained what history and current events was/is all about.

Nazi Germany, 1938

One old gentleman teacher that taught us history told us, “what I'm about to share with you, you won't find in any history book.” What he said next was not only unbelievable, but it was utterly shocking and repulsive to my senses, but I never forgot what he had to say. He said that in Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler pitched the idea of a centralized gun registry to his nation, that it would result in safer streets. It was this centralized gun registration that enabled Hitler to commit the atrocities that we've heard so much about.

Not everyone will agree with this assessment, which has long been the popular understanding with regard to the German situation in the late 1930's as Hitler rose to power. There are those who have long tried to squelch all talk about this subject matter for many, many decades. In the 1980's, those voices became so bold as to actually claim that there never was a Holocaust. 

Why? I suspect that it's because the Devil's in the details here. It was Hitler's contention that if you tell the people a really big lie, and if you tell it to them enough, they'll believe it even if they should know better. You can see the same premise being used by the legacy news organizations with regard to President Trump all four years, and even now. 

The following is a paragraph from a hit piece that seeks to discredit the allegation that Hitler's gun registration facilitated the German Holocaust.

“The Nazi gun control argument is a belief that gun regulations in the Third Reich helped to facilitate the rise of the Nazis and the Holocaust.[1][2][3] The majority of historians and fact-checkers have described the argument as 'dubious,'[4] 'questionable,'[5] 'preposterous,'[6] 'tendentious,'[3] or 'problematic.'[2] This argument is frequently employed by opponents of gun control in debates on U.S. gun politics. Questions about its validity, and about the motives behind its inception, have been raised by scholars. Proponents in the United States have used it as part of a 'security against tyranny' argument, while opponents have referred to it as a form of reductio ad Hitlerum[7]” (Wikipedia,

In Closing

There are three incidents where I was, as a child, given information that supports the allegation that a centralized gun registry led to Nazi atrocities in Germany:

  1. First, in the 1950's, I was told that soldiers on the various military bases on CONUS were given permission to maintain a personal firearm. The odd part of this is that their CO did not want to know about it. When I asked why, I was told that they did not want to risk an accounting of the personal firearms on base, just in case something happened in the United States as it did in Germany.

  2. While I was director of the U.S. Veteran Information (non-governmental) organization, I received word from a retired USAF officer that during WWII they air dropped “Saturday Night Specials” over enemy lines for the resistance fighters. They came with one slug and a dowel rod. With that weapon concealed in a pocket, they could use it to commandeer heavier weaponry. He claimed that the Saturday Night Special helped defeat the Germans and this is why there's such a pushback against them in society--his words, not mine.

  3. The info provided by the history teacher cited earlier in the opening of this article. He told his class that Hitler took that list of gun owners and sent his Brown Shirts house to house to confiscate their weapons.

As to the third item above, this teacher told us that these animals (the Brown Shirts) would come calling, asking the owner to relinquish the listed weapon(s). If the gun owner said he didn't have it, that he had sold it or gave it away, they'd ask for the name of the person whom he gave it to. If the gun owner said he couldn't recall, one of the Brown Shirts went into the house, took one of the gun owners children into the street and blew their head off with a German Luger. 

They then informed the gun owner that every hour, on the hour they'd return to the house to see if his memory had improved. If it didn't, they'd do the same thing over and over with other members of his family until they had the gun or the name of the person it was given to--that or in the end, there'd be no one else to return to the confines of the house.

In Part 2 to this article, we'll go into published reports that support the allegation of a gun registry in Germany prior to gun confiscation and the ensuing holocaust.  --Al Colombo

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