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Friday, April 15, 2016

How did we become so divided as a people?

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Those who know me understand my passion for nationalism here in the United States as well as worldwide. Of course my main objective was always focused on the nation in which I live. Most of my life, for personal reasons, I chose not to poke my head up too high publicly. I refused to join any groups, I did not vote until I was 34, and I was apolitical as I did not want to attract attention. I kept my head down for a long time, until 1990, when I was 40 years old. That was when I accepted a position on a national magazine in the security and life safety markets.

It was two years later when I suddenly realized that politics is exciting, important, and necessary; necessary in that it’s important that each and every one of us take note of what’s happenig around us and to take part in the political process on a national level. I won’t go into the reason why I awoke to this fact, only that it was in 1992, at the age of 42, that I began to take note of what was happening in the political world around me.

It was another three years, in 1995, that I made the decision to stick my head up further by learning how to build websites so I could express my thoughts and opinions on the political issues of the day, and that is where Jack Brewer came into the picture. Jack gave me some web space on his server (he owned a company called Micro Village), and I began the process of learning HTML. I started with a basic design created to allow me to do commentaries. It was weblog at its heart, only it focused on an index of articles (the magazine guy in me I guess).

By 1997, I created an organization with an accompanying website called Giant Killers Organization (GKO), named after King David who, at the age of 16, stood opposite a Giant named Goliath, whom he slew with a stone and his slingshot. I became extremely politically in that I began attending local and regional events, I began communicating with our Congressmen, and I began making contact with a few organizations that truly have the best interest of our local and state communities at heart, although our national leaders would have you believe otherwise.

By 1998, 1999, I had become a full-blow anti-globalist, not only because of my concern for my own country, our own culture and heritage, but also for other nations and other people across the world. Oddly enough, this anti-globalistic view was in stark contrast to my past attitude regarding foreign people and nations. Here’s a piece of my past I omitted earlier on in this commentary.

At the age of 8, in 1958, I built my first shortwave radio and it was then that I began listening to the freedom fighters in Cuba under the direction of Fidel Castro. I listened to Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Moscow, and others for many, many years and through this exposure I became a young Communist/Socialist. I loved Cuban music, I was happy listening to the propaganda, and I began writing letters to Radio Havana Cuba and I began communicating with the Premier in Moscow (or someone representing him) concerning my one day joining them in the USSR. That was in 1964, at the age of 14.

The fact is, since 1997, I have struggled with my anger and contempt for all things global. Although I have always kept the best interest of other nation’s people in the back of my mind, I still felt considerable contempt and despair with the political Left’s effort to subvert our heritage and culture by systematically allowing third-worlders from anywhere across the planet to enter this nation by the dead of night over a largely unprotected border. I continue to have strong feelings about this only because it’s not just poor Mexicans that are crossing it but potential terrorists as well from other nations and ideologies, such as ISIS.

When I watched and listened to Huge Evans (TED Talk,, it struck a cord in my mind as well as my heart. He spoke of the poverty and problems that exist in other nations. Jesus Christ also spoke concerning this issue telling us that poverty would be with us always. Huge also spoke concerning charity, how we should be charitable to others who have little. He spoke of global citizens and how they see themselves as members of the human race first, then of a nation second.

This is truly the correct manner in which to think, act, and live; however, there are issues amidst this concept that must be addressed before ideals such as this can be effective and equitable to all concerned.

There is no denying that the majority of Liberals and Conservatives are sincere and well meaning in their intentions and efforts. There are, however, men and women of unquestionable ill intent who have learned how to affect both sides in an attempt to manipulate and control the outcome of all kinds of things. As long as these criminals are allowed to continue in their quest, both sides will continue to fuss and feud and a true global citizenship will be impossible to attain, no less the reduction of poverty and illegal, horrible acts against human-kind.

The world did not come to this divisive point by accident. There’s a video that you should see (, see video below) that will largely explain how it is we’ve come to this point of such division as a society, not only in the U.S., but abroad as well (scroll down to view). It is in the best interest of all peoples of the world to view this video and to come to an understanding that there are those operating amongst us who do not have our best interest as a nation, as a world, at heart. The question is, what will you, what can we do about it? –Al Colombo

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