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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Everything Is Happening In An Instant

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“What's happened to the time?”

A common phrase for those of us who expected more time but suddenly realized that what time we imagined we had is now up.

Some scientists have gone on record to say that all of time—everything that has ever happened or will happen—is all happening at once. In other words, it's all
happening simultaneously.

I have heard this before, and it's not something that you can easily wrap your mind around, but it is something that we can sense deep within us. I've always known that things are different than what they appear on the surface.

The fact is, the more science learns about the reality we live in, the more we know we know nothing and the more weirder things get.

Here's the conundrum for me: It's not just everything I've ever done or will do from birth to death that's included in this statement, but everything before, in between, and after I'm gone! We're told that it “all” happened in an “Instant.”

So, what's an “instant?”

“ infinitesimal space of time; especially : a point in time separating two states at the instant of death” (
“...according to theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, the time has come to grapple with this ancient conundrum: 'Understanding the nature of time is the single most important problem facing science,' he says” (Robert Matthews, Academic and science writer,
If you consider the fact that “everything” that has or will happen in the entire universe happens in an instant, then you've got to face the thought that your own lifetime is or was a fraction of an instant—which evidently is a blip on the sea of an instant in time. Is any of this making any sense at all?

The only way that any of this can possibly make any sense is in a totally digital world where everything and everyone are but blips of data in a massive computer the likes that none of us could possibly begin to imagine. ...blip...

by Allan Colombo

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