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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Why do so many common, ordinary people want this fake pandemic to be real?

Perhaps those who believe we're in a pandemic truly need  a dictator to tell them what they can and cannot do. 

I just received an email from a friend in Sri Lanka. He's a fine  young man, a talented graphic artist whom I have used in the past. He asked how I and my family have faired during the COVID-19 Pandemic. All I could say is, "We're doing fine, and hope the same for you." I wanted to take the time to explain what's really going on, but somehow  I don't think he'll believe it so why bother?

A good friend from Canada continues to challenge me on the issues that I present on my Facebook Timeline. Even when I present this chart showing that the number of TOTAL DEATHS in the United States this year  compared to last year (2019), he continues to come up with some excuse as to why I have it wrong. 

I read an article that spouts all sorts of numbers in an effort  to confuse the reader, all designed to bring you back to a pandemic that simply cannot exist. Why is it that so many people cannot think anymore?  Total numbers means total deaths. No this, no that, we're talking about  TOTAL NUMBERS.     

The fact is, it almost seems that a large number of Americans actually want this to be real, and they refuse to look at all of the inconsistencies and other proofs that more than satisfactorily prove that someone's cooking the books and they're using the enticement of money to do so. More than that, they refuse to listen to healthcare professionals who have come forward to warn the public that there's something terribly wrong about all of this. 

Added 4/18/21, this chart says it all: 

And yet, so many refuse to look at the numbers, they believe the legacy news media that are all saying the same exact thing, the same inflated numbers, with the same quotes by the same people!

You must have a ton more deaths this year compared to last if you have a pandemic. Having the same number or smaller number than last  year, as is the case so far, means that people are not  dying by the millions. Sorry, it's not in the numbers!  You can't make up the numbers. Get it? It's about the MONEY.  Follow the MONEY.  Do some INVESTIGATION on your own. Find a NURSE who will talk with you off the record. SERIOUSLY, do your own homework. 

Anyway, it's getting more difficult for me to try to explain this to so many people who simply cannot think for themselves any longer. Maybe they need a dictator to herd them one direction or another--to convey orders they can follow. However, I liked things the way they were--before the  Live-and-in-your-face CIRCUS we now have--began earlier this year.

May God save the world in 2021! --Al Colombo 
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