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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do Conspiracies Exist or Not?

In a message thread on Google+ some of us are talking about the issue of conspiracies and the current administration. It appears that there are those individuals walking the earth who believe there could never be a global conspiracy where the majority of news organizations work together toward a common social cause. It appears that there are people out there who believe that there's no way that anyone could buy off politicians, knowingly or otherwise, and that anyone who believes such conspiracies exist is delusional.

I was once one of those people who would listen to "conspiratorial" proponents and think, "Are they crazy? Have they lost their minds?" I still find it difficult to believe some of the conspiratorial theories that I hear. However, I'm old enough now to know that there are powerful people in positions of power in the International Community that seek total, unequivocal control over society.

Three organizations come to mind: 1) the Trilateral Commission, 2) the Bilderbergs, and 3) the Council on Foreign Relations.

First, let's see what the definition of "Conspiracy" according to is:  

So those who do not believe in conspiracies must have an unshaken, unequivocal faith in human-kind. That's even more of a stretch than simply believing that a group of rich folks might want to control it all since they already have an unlimited amount of wealth at their immediate disposal don't you think?

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