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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Podcast: Hacking the World Around Us

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The NPR Ted Podcast is a great resource of information of almost any kind. The Ted Podcast below is on hacking featuring a hacker who's been there and done that. He went in search of a pair of virus writers that in 1986 wrote a virus that the world had to contend with back in the beginning.

As it turned out, the "Brain" virus, which was the name of the virus back then, was never intended to be a bad virus, but rather a virus created by a pair of code writers who simply sought to demonstrate how vulnerable that PCs were. That they certainly did. This podcast features a number of hackers on the subject, and it's worth a listen:

I believe that in due time, given the direction (police state and fear-mongering attitude) the United States as well as other developed nations are heading, that hackers and graffiti artists may very well end up to be the only means of getting information to the public.

What's your opinion?

Al Colombo

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