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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Terrorism in France, and the Radicalization of the Presidency

The Weaponization of Everything Under the Sun

The localized attack on the French during one of the widely celebrated days of the year is not only heartbreaking, but it’s also shocking. In addition, it further proves that if it’s not a gun, then it will be some other type of weapon—a car, truck, a plane, a knife, a tractor, a go-cart, whatever.

Look, there’s a faction of society--the controlling class, if you will—who have targeted “guns” for extermination, not the crazed individuals who use them to create terror in our lives. And not at all surprising enough, these same controllers own and/or control the majority of news media outlets across the world.

With that media control, they have chosen to focus on “guns” and they are using that control in an integrated manner to support the thought that “guns are bad,” and “those who misuse them are simply misguided because of their past.”

All of this media control is leveraged with personal messages by President Obama, as he works to complete his last term with one or more executive orders designed to further exclude purchases and use of weapons by common, law-abiding citizens here in the States.

We all know deep in our hearts that the intention of those leaders, like Obama, who oppose common gun ownership is to create a vacuum where the only individuals who can legally have them are law enforcement, federal employees, and military. But what about Obama’s “Civilian Army,” who he sought to create when he first took office. If you recall, this Civilian Army was to be just as well armed and funded as our regular Army. Hmmm

Obama's Citizen Army

When Obama came to power, he called for the creation of a civilian security force that is as well funded and armed as our regular military. When I first heard about this, I thought to myself, "It sounds a lot like Hitler's Brown Shirts who he used to repel Communist attacks during the early years of his effort to take over the German government.

The thing that all of us need to remember here is that those who own and control the press also control what is publicly perceived as "right" and "wrong." As I attempt to envision a civilian security force, just as well armed and funded as our regular military, all under the control of President Obama and those whom he might place in power, I shudder.

So, whatever happened to his citizen army?

I found a recent call to action on the issue of the nationalization of local police by the DOJ: OBAMA'S 'NATIONAL CIVILIAN SECURITY FORCE' ENDORSED, as Sharpton calls for nationalization of cops in wake of Baltimore riots.

Editor's note on Oct. 22, 2020: the following link and the video are no longer available. Obviously someone decided that it was not  wise to either continue carrying it on their website, or perhaps someone who owns the individual it's about made that decision. In any event, here is another one about Obama's Citizen Army: click here!

Here's another reference to Obama's citizen security force: Obama Building A Civilian Army For 2015, Get Ready For War. See the video below please:

Here's another mention about Obama's civilian army: Obama’s civilian army and secret police: DHS Protective Security Service.

On June 30, 2010, the POS was at it again. Speaking at a town hall meeting, Obama declared that the military was “overburdened’ by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He then resurrected his 2008 campaign idea and proposed to build a “civilian expeditionary force” that’s as large as the military, without however giving the legal basis for this “civilian expeditionary force” nor how he intends to pay for another military-sized institution when the more than $700 billion annual military budget was already choking the federal government’s budget.

Please see the associated video below:

The Radicalization of the Presidency

I don't think that ever in the history of this nation has there been a president who hates the country he lead--this nation, in fact--as much as President Obama and the First Lady. I know this is history to some, but to others--those who continue to make excuses for this president, it's not. Read the following statements and I believe you will understand why things have gone so terribly wrong in this nation over the past eight years. With that said, please understand that I believe that the last President Bush that we had works for the same controlling Elite that Obama does.

Believe me, writing about this gives me absolutely no pleasure. But, this needs to be openly discussed now, not after martial law is declared and a civil war results.

Allan Colombo

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