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Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Cold, Hard Facts Behind 'Surveillance Capitalism'

Be careful, your dumbphone is telling on you every day in every way.
image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' Crime prevention starts with YOU! The issue of Facebook compromising user privacy goes WAY BEYOND what we have heard. Here's a story I dug up for one of my client's social media outreach work that spells it out. You NEED TO READ this.
How Surveillance Capitalism Can Impact Public Safety and CII Users | #ESC_LLC #Privacy #Surveillance #PublicSafety | Mission-critical communications users must be aware that personal devices and applications are subject to data surveillance. To read this informative article about Digital DNA and how service providers can put your data at risk, go to: and turn to page 20. Or you can download a PDF printout of the story by clicking here.
What impresses me about the story is the extent to which telcom companies have gone to secure their right to infringe on the privacy rights of everyone on the planet who dumbly buys and uses a smart phone. According to the author of this story, not only are there apps loaded into our cell phones that CANNOT be uninstalled (Amazon is one of them), but there are terms of agreement buried in these phones that most of us have never seen, let alone know exist. (see sidebar on right, click to enlarge.)

There's not much that can be done by or for anyone outside of the Mission Critical community, but the U.S. Government should, they MUST take steps to better secure data encountered and transmitted by those in mission critical roles, such as defense contractors, civilian employees, and those in the military. The rest of us have a decision to make, whether to give up all those free apps and the cell phone in general or to go on as we are, allowing others to exploit our data.

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