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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dead Man Trigger: Wikileaks Dumps All Their Files On the Internet!

This is what the Deep State has got to fear the most!

image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' Everyone knows who Julián Assange is, or was. I say "was" only because it's not clear to me whether he survived his apprehension by the U.S. Authorities. The last I heard, they were trying to extradite him.

I ran across this link from a good friend who evidently wishes to remain in the shadows. It leads to a website called "Blacklisted News" which I, until now, have never heard of. I've looked at some of the files and I find it fascinating. I am seeing things here that totally blow me away, such as a full disclosure on Charterhouse by Anon. I'll post a small image of it. To read it, click on it.

From: David Wilcock 4/22/20: Wikileaks Dumps ALL Files! Julián Assange is a hero!!!

This is ridiculously exciting. Wikileaks has just dumped an absolutely gigantic amount of data. Get David's initial thoughts as to where all this si going and how exciting it is!

We will also be discussing the deeper spiritual implications of all the stunning events now taking place.

Here the Wikileaps papers are again: Click Here

For the serious researcher:

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