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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Someone's Got Their Grubby Little Fingers In This WebLog And Here's the Proof

As we get closer to the final demise of our Highly Once Successful
form of government and economics, we'll see 
more interference and manipulation.

Allan B. Colombo, journalist/writer (image)
Allan B. Colombo, journalist/writer
When I reviewed our What's New page, I was struck by the fact that there were three pages where the links were missing. The text/titles were there, but they were no longer hyperlinked to a webpage. 

Sometimes the nature of the information on a "problem webpage" speaks loudly--at least to me--as to "who" and "why" someone would go to the trouble to manually remove operational links or even content. The fact is, only two people are authorized and supposedly capable of accessing this WebLog. Or, it could have been someone that works for Google, or perhaps someone that was given access to the Google web server on which this WebLog resides. 

In any event, here are the three pages that were monkeyed with: 
  1. EXPOSED! FDA, CDC & WHO is hiding this from you?
  3. Children and Masks: Senior Industrial Hygienist in Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Unloads on School Board
The first link connected you to a video on BitChute. It's a bit chaotic by its nature, but please watch and listen carefully as the messages imparted say a lot. Some of the information, if true, and there's no reason at this  point to think it's not, will totally blow most people away because it implies that the key players in this growingly tyrannical saga are  perpetrating an intensely heinous deception, not only on U.S. citizens, but the entire world.  

I've provided the links to #2 and #3 while I decided to place the first one in the form of the video here: 

Direct link to this page:

Reclaim the net (image)

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