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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Chinese Intelligence Apparatus in the United States

This past Sunday many of us on Google+ discussed the issue of Chinese purchase of a wind farm near a U.S. Military base. The story, entitled Not just tilting at windmills (The Economist), provided interesting information on how the Obama administration stopped the purchase of a wind farm in Oregon.

There were those who couldn't believe that the U.S. Government would interfere with business, not to mention the act of insulting a trade partner as important as China. However, as I pointed out at the time, it's folly to even think of allowing any Chinese State-owned company to set up camp near a military base.

I stated, "Here's the primary reason why you do not want China anywhere near a military base: SIGINT. Call it paranoia if you wish, but it's NATIONAL SECURITY and I would expect nothing less from the Chinese Gov't if the roles were switched."

As a webmaster myself, I can attest to the fact that most of the hacking and spamming attempts that I see on my servers come from the Chinese and Russian Federations. There is literally no limit to which they will go to glean critical information from both military and private/public government contractors.

Here we are again, Chinese made telecommunication equipment is now suspect of providing spy potential for the Chinese Government within the U.S. and other countries.

"To the extent these companies are influenced by the state, or provide Chinese intelligence services access to telecommunication networks, the opportunity exists for further economic and foreign espionage by a foreign nation-state already known to be a major perpetrator of cyber espionage," the Committee wrote in a 52-page report.

Specifically, the committee outlined the threat of "malicious" computer technology being used to access U.S. trade secrets, research and development data and negotiating platforms "China would find useful in obtaining an unfair diplomatic or commercial advantage over the United States."

Source: House Report Flags Chinese Telecom Firms on Espionage Fears (PBS Newshour)

The moral of the lesson that our citizens should take away from this is simple: We cannot trust the Chinese. I'm not sure how many of our allies that we can truly trust, especially when the current administration fails to firmly stand behind Israel and other traditional allies.

In a word, we need to put National Security first, business second, while attending to business first to assure a strong national defense.