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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Enemy Inside the Gate

It was in 1992, while listening to a speech given by then presidential hopeful Bill Clinton, that I found myself on an alternate path. Bill said, in essence, "If I and Al Gore are elected, we will eliminate the Constitution... it was a radical experiment that has outlived its time."

From my early youth to the age of 42 I was a socialist. It was in 1958 that I built my first shortwave radio. It was then that I began listening to Radio Moscow, Radio Havana Cuba, and other radio stations in Communist countries. At the age of 14 or 15 I began sending letters to Moscow.

After a life time of dislike for Capitalism, I suddenly came face to face with a Communist in our government who was about to become president of this country. I told my wife that Clinton is a comrade and that if elected he would turn our government upside down, which he did.

The turning point came for me later that evening when I, in the quietness of my own home, sat down and read the U.S. Constitution. This was probably the first time in my life that I seriously read it. What I found blew me away. As I told my wife, "I was duped."

My words to her were essentially this, "This document has protected this nation from subjugation by a foreign power for more than 200 years."

That was it for me. I became a Capitalist in a few minutes. Well, actually, I had already embraced Capitalism even as a Socialist by virtue of the business I once ran and the system I was involved with. At the time, in 1992, I was a trade journalist living and working in the Chicago suburbs. Now, I made it official.

When Clinton won the election in November of that year, I put a sign on my cube wall that said, "In Mourning." When management discovered that it was not a death that I was in mourning over, they ordered me to remove the sign or face the consequences.

So, because of my past involvement with Socialism and Communism, perhaps I have a unique perspective on the unique mindset of a leftist. Today, I see very little difference in what President Obama represents and the precepts and ideology of the Communists I listened to so many years ago on the shortwave radio. In a word, our enemy is inside the gates of our government and those of you who hail from the left do not know what you've managed to do by helping get his elected and by your current support.

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