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Saturday, January 16, 2021

GKO and Military Intelligence

Note: This is a continuation of a post I penned on December 1, 2019 concerning the Giant Killers Organization (GKO) website (click here to read [will open up a new window]). This post will be shorter by a long shot. 

I'll assume you read the previous post on GKO (click here), once the website was up and I began posting comments and information, a friend of mine from PA connected with me concerning a group of gov't agents who basically said that they liked what I was doing and they'd like to assist. Their message to me was to "continue on!" So I did. 

What happened after this was nothing short of shocking. I began to get email from all over the place and those who sent it were very clear on their intent as well as their primary concern. As to the latter, it had to do with "a fox in the henhouse," and that was pretty much how  one of the  original messages started out.  

"The Fox is in the Henhouse!"

This went on for 10 long years, from approximately 1995 through 2005. At the end of that 10 years, I was drummed out of the fight because I had gotten information that must have been classified, who knows exactly. But they made it clear that my grandchildren would suffer, not me. 

Perhaps knowing this might enable you to have a deeper understanding as to what has possibly taken place to key gov't officials where it comes to our courts and our Federal and State Governments today. The other thing that has happened to them is the "Honey Pot" sting operations put together by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). 

Epoch Times ran a story on honeypot operations where many of our lawmakers have fallen victim to sexual pressure brought about by a CCP operative with sex appeal. Government secrets are many times divulged in the bed with a CCP lover. 

As to the question, did GKO work with military intelligence

The short answer to this question is, Yes. 

Given a chance, today, I'd do it again... (hint). 

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