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Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Creation of the Giant Killers Organization

How and Why I started Giant Killers Organization

image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' The most amazing thing happened to me on my way to my middle years, I embarked on the creation of an enlightening website designed to shed light on the political and economic corruption that all of the world is subject to. It was 1995, and I suddenly became aware of a danger that had no specific direction assigned to it.
Unlike prior dangers to me in my life--dangers that had a direction and an actual, discernible point of origin--this one was coming at me from all directions.

I'll tell you now that I'd never felt such a feeling before that day. I was laying down, perhaps at the beginning of my day when it came my way, like a wave of anxiety crossing over my mind and body. A sense of immediate, pending danger--not doom--and I began to focus on where it was emanating from. Because it was coming at me in all directions I eventually decided that it had to be a spiritual force--an evil force.

In those early days I prayed to God for an answer to what it was I was facing. I followed the lines of force in a 360-degree manner and it intersected with both people and a political machine that we know as the United Nations. The machine might be centered there--at 760 United Nations Plaza, Manhattan, New York City--but the apparatus that comprises this enormously power machine stretches in all directions across the entire Earth.

It was then, in the early years of Bill Clinton's presidency that I felt a growing need to express, to voice my personal opinion on a wide assortment of subjects. A friend of mine was involved with an Internet hosting company called Micro Village who gave me space, and actually started what was a personal WebLog. I eventually purchased Web tools that enabled me to learn how to do the source code myself.

I eventually moved my WebLog to another server, one that I rented and controlled. Along with this, I began creating websites for other people, and eventually TpromoCom was born.

Having just switched from Socialism to Capitalism in 1992, three short years before this, I was slowly being primed with a sense of urgency that almost demanded that I get involved in the good fight in some manner. Giant Killers Org was borne out of that sense of commitment and dedication to this nation, a nation that I came to understand was made possible by the love and commitment of God to us, his prized posession in a creation that was not always receptive to Him.

I or about 1995, I began to build Giant Killers Org (GKO). It became a force to recon  with for the enemies of freedom and  the American Way. I'll write more about GKO in the near future. For now, you are invited to review it if you wish: click here!

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