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Saturday, December 12, 2020

It seems that a significant number of United States lawmakers have been working for China since 1970!

For years my friends probably thought I was nuts because of my writings on the New World Order. Now they're coming to me for more information. Now, that's nuts! 

There's a ton of reasons for all of us to be depressed and despondent concerning a whole lot of things at this time. Not only are we fighting with those among us who have embraced this fake pandemic--masks and lockdowns alike, but we're also fighting local and State government in order to preserve "freedom" as defined and guaranteed by our Founders who, themselves, conceived, composed, and institutionalized our Constitution. 

Despite all our efforts, it appears that our tyrannical governors and state health officials have made up their minds to see the imaginary pandemic through to the bitter end, whatever that end may be. We're also embroiled in a fight at the national level with respect to voter fraud of every imaginable kind and at every imaginable level. There can be no doubt that the bad men and women who followed orders, who defrauded the American people by committing a variety of frauds during this past election, do not value truth and justice.

And finally, we now find that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has had any number of top United States officials in their hip pocket. We recently found this out from a professor in China who gave a talk on Chinese television concerning Donald Trump, the CCP, and our top lawmakers since 1970 to present times. To access this video, click on the image below: 

Tucker tells about China's control of the USA through traitors among us.
Click on the image to see this video.

The Past
About three years ago a good friend from abroad, the head of a global security organization no less, approached me in Skype concerning China's global agenda. At the time he was visiting in South Africa having just come from Israel. He told me that there were Chinese policing communities having assumed control of local government. He shared with me that they had taken over the diamond and gold mines, that they were bringing Chinese prisoners to work in them. For many of these poor nations, China was breathing some degree of economic life into them, while taking more in the way of natural resources than they were giving in return. 

I have many Chinese friends whom I like and cherish very much, as I do Indian (India) and many others. I hadn't honestly thought about the CCP in terms of world domination, although  President Barry Obama had told us, as a nation, that China was poised to become the world's new superpower. And quite  suddenly, I find that Joe Biden is in  a partnership with a key  player in this Communist party. 

Honestly, I hadn't really given China much thought throughout the years. My early indoctrination in Communism had been by way of the former U.S.S.R., not China (perhaps this should be on the About page). My dad helped me build my first shortwave radio in 1958 when I was 8 years old. I listened to Radio Moscow, Radio Havana Cuba, and many other Communist shortwave propaganda stations for many, many years. When  I was 14, I began sending letters to Moscow. (Not to fear, I switched sides in 1992, at the age of 42).

I knew of the New World Order (NWO) since high school  when once in awhile you'd hear one thing or another. I never took any of it serious because if any of it were really true, wouldn't our own government do something about it? I never in a million Sundays ever thought so many people in our government were actually working for the CCP (see the video below).

When Donald Trump ran for President back in 2011, 2012, he talked about draining the swamp. Most of us in this nation did not  understand the true meaning of his comment. Many thought he was merely making a comment regarding simple, common corruption in gov't, but not so. Donald was referring to the New World Order--an organized global cabal whose aim is to centralize the finances and governmenetal functions of all nations into a single, centralized entity called the United Nations. 

The following video deals with just that. I suggest  you watch it all in order to get an idea just how deep that swamp is. --Al Colombo

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