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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Looking Back To Another Time

In the early 2000's I bought a book that I had no interest in, until
I reached the golden years of my own life. How strange...
image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' Twenty years ago, at the age of 50, I embarked on a new way of life, living in the rurals of Malvern, Ohio. In the summers I began living in a manufactured home in what essentially was a trailer court. I began having my grandsons over the weekends, and we had
lots of fun. In the winter months I'd move back to the house.

One of the things we did every Saturday or so was visit what was called "The Barn Sale," located right outside of my home town of Waco. It was here and at Goodwill stores across the area where I began buying books. History books was one of my favorite subjects, in addition to biography books. We also traveled the countryside looking for yard and garage sales.

One of them, an old one at that, entitled "These Gracious Golden Years," drew my attention, and I ended up purchasing it. 79 pages long, it covers the thoughts of an old man in the winter of his life. He makes no effort to hid the details, having lost his wife of 46 years, he rekindles his relationship with God and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
"This book presents a word picture of my Christian experience from the time of my youth, but more especially during the past decade." With these words, John Allen Saul introduces the reader to These Gracious Golden Years, a treasure chest of verses, meditations and inspirational thoughts.

There is coming to us a join,
A joy that nothing can destroy,
A joy of which the angels sing,
The joy that death alone can bring.
(front flap)

Despite the many times that I moved, taking this book with me, and despite all the books that were left go, given away, or left to decay, to have this book show up in a box of books I brought from our storage unit is nothing short of remarkable. It's especially remarkable now that I'm 70 and in the fall time of my life.

It's not that this book is worth a lot of money because it's not. But it's more to what the book says to my heart, now that I've become old enough to appreciate it. In my 50's and most of my 60's, I did not understand what it would mean one day. I shuffled this book back and forth, never reading it, but always pondering its old age.

The First Edition was written in 1958 and the second in 1964--and perhaps this is the fact that recently struck me, that I was 8 years old when the book was first published, and 14 on it's second round. At 14, I had just entered high school, and that was such a long time ago. For this book to end up in my hand at 70 is quite remarkable, don't you think?

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