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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Was NSC Prepared to Detect Outside Meddling in the 2020 Presidential Election?

I'd like to see the traitors in gov't suffer the fate set forth in decades past...

John Bolton's most celebrated book heralded by the Left as a damning testimony to President Trump's administration.
In John Bolton's Book, The Room Where It Happened, on pages 178 and 179, it tells of preparations made for the 2018 and 2020 elections. In other words, NSC (National Security Council) was watching.

Bolton recites, "We focused initially on election-related matters to get a fast start on creating deterrence against interference not only in 2018 but also in future US elections. Other steps would follow to lay the foundation for a comprehensive cyber capability."

While all of us were watching the clown show in the house...
Bolton says that NSC discussed what they could actually share with the Congress before it would hit the street through the make-believe news orgs (which I so affectionately refer to as 'propaganda news orgs'). In other words, the public was not to know what preparations had been taken by which to detect outside interference in our election process, so it was necessary not to give Congress all the facts in this regard... 

So, there seems to be a good bit of evidence in existence to support the idea that Trump and the NSC was sitting somewhere in cyber-land waiting and watching with advanced technologies for something out of the ordinary to take place--and it did

Me thinks that the Trump administration knows a lot more about what went on during the election than they've told the general public--but don't worry, we'll soon know the whole story. I'd love to see the evil, bad players in this saga suffer a traitor's fate.... whatever that may be. 

Here's a video sent to me by Hermes (a Facebook colleague) that goes into the issue of a watchful President and trusted members of the NSC: 

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