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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Video: Christians put to death by Taliban in Afghanistan (Warning: Extreme Violence)

No words can adequately express my dismay.
And we though this type of atrocity would never happen again.

There are no words that I can use that will express the horror of what is to be seen in the following video. All I can say is, "Prepare yourself." I will follow up after the video with the words of the person who gave it to me...



Happening now in Afghanistan, renounce Christianity or you are executed openly by the Taliban, as you can see above.

The Christian community all over the world should rise up against this atrocity against Christians.

Israel, America and Rome should urgently evacuate every single Christian man or woman with their children from Afghanistan.

Let the world leaders deploy multiple aircraft to save our brethren in Agony.

Please send to every contact and all social media encourage the Body of Christ to keep praying for Afghanistan, Lebanon, Haiti, and other nations...we are now seeing Biblical "birth pangs", let us prepare ourselves to be the "Warrior Bride of Christ"!

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