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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rubinstein Offers Look at a potentially Dangerous Video Technology

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Michael Rubinstein, in his TED video See invisible motion, hear silent sounds, presents an extremely interesting and possibly dangerous video technology that allows the user to glean silent, invisible information about people, their health, their mood, and what they say to one another in private.

Uncle Sam will want a piece of this, and when he gets it, none of us will see mention of this innovative technology again as it will be buried with so many other Classified utilities like it. So be sure to take a gander at this TED video before it is no longer available.

Other Similar Disappearing Technologies

Another similar technology that has gone underground is that of weather control. During the 1950s and 1960s weather control was the talk of science. Then, quite suddenly, public discussion ceased. Rumors have abounded since the late 1990s that this capability is now a reality through a device commonly referred to as HARRP, also referred to as Highly Active Auroral Research Program.

For additional information on HAARP, refer to the HAARP information page on GKO.

For the serious researcher:

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