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Monday, January 18, 2021

Large Federal Turnover: John Bolton's Reference to Last 3 Republican Administrations Vs. President Trump

This post answers the question as to why so much employee
turnover in the Trump Administration.

In a statement on page 193 of 'The Room Where It Happened,' a book about Bolton's time in the Trump administration, says, "Mattis was coming to the end of his ride. It didn't bother me that Mattis' obstructionism would be leaving with him, but his departure was part of a problematic, almost inevitable pattern. None of the three prior  Republican Administrations in which I served  had seen anything approaching this extent and manner of senior-level turnover." And so this is the focus of my comments to come. 

Personal note: I hope you don't mind my referring to Mr. Bolton in a personal manner. After reading almost half of his book, I feel like I know him. In fact, I sent him a friend request today on Fake Book. With that said, let's continue...
John appears to either be old school or deep state. I say this because the last sentence of his comment compares Trump's "draining of the swamp" to three Republican administrations. In my humble opinion, John failed to understand that such a high rate of turnover has more to do with Trump's mission, which was and continues to be aligned not only with his campaign promised to "drain the swamp," but also that of our Military Intelligence organization. From all I know, their mission is to ferret out all Chinese surrogates in order to return this nation to "The People."

I'm convinced that Trump's mission isn't merely based on a campaign promise, but rather on the overall reason why he consented to run for President in the first place, because if we expect to retain our  Republic, we're going to have to stand up and do it. 

In other words:
The sleeping "Silent Majority," mentioned by former President Nixon, has awakened and they're not happy.  --Al Colombo

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