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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Ohio Governor grandstands (lies?) concerning Stark County's need for freezer trailers for dead bodies

Did Governor DeWine Lie on television or was he mistaken? 

The hype continues to grow concerning the coroner in Stark County, Ohio requesting a
Freezer trailer for excess deceased individuals. According to the ever popular legacy propaganda press, COVID deaths here in my own county are over the top, so much so that the coroner had to bring in additional space to house them.

Last evening, I listened with great interest as the Governor of Ohio, Michael DeWine, spoke to the press about the growing COVID problem in Ohio, referring to the freezer truck in Stark County. Then I caught wind of a podcast or radio program where the Stark County Coroner was asked what the causes are of deaths that brought him to make such a request.

The conversation quickly turned to the fall out related to the COVID scam we see growing before us. The good Coroner said that it's not COVID deaths that's the problem, but rather homicides, deaths by natural causes, suicides, and others, mostly related to the side effects associated with these COVID lockdowns.

You can hear it for yourself:

As it is, confirmation of support for the audio-only interview that took place between AM 1480 in Canton, Ohio and the county coroner came by way of a local newspaper in Canton called The Canton Repository (which I worked for in the late 1980's I might add):

“Stark County's need for a morgue trailer became part of the discussion Thursday during Gov. Mike Dewine's COVID-19 press conference as he continues to warn the public about the virus' danger and the need to wear a mask.

"But the trailer on loan from the state health department is more about general space needs and less to do with the pandemic” (Source: click here).

And then this morning, I heard another news report (click here), one that supports the allegation made by the Canton Repository and AM 1480, both located in Canton, Stark County, Ohio:

“The coroner says he believes the up-tick in deaths is not because of folks dying from COVID-19 directly, it’s the circumstances surrounding it.

"The fallout we're seeing from COVID as far as the increased suicides, domestic violence, and alcohol-related deaths,” said Bertin” (Source: click here).

Is there any doubt that Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is grandstanding? Why is he doing this? With these news sources IN Stark County as well as many others, how can he go on television and announce to the world that our Thanksgiving holiday resulted in this coroner needing another place to store dead bodies? Not only is it disgraceful, it's a bold face lie.  

I'm hoping his ridiculous allegations, touted as fact, were simply a mistake, in which case he owes us all in  Stark  County a huge apology as well as the coroner. --Al Colombo

For the serious researcher:

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