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Monday, December 24, 2018

OBE's and the Big Picture (part 1)

What is the true nature of man?
image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' The OBE thing (OBE is short for 'Out of Body Experience') is not widely understood by the westerner among us. It's not an easy thing to explain to those who have absolutely no understanding of the concept even in its most beginning phases. I'm not entirely sure that I
understand everything about it, but while watching the movie, "Left Behind," it was clear to me that I had to try. So, here I am on Christmas Eve, the eve of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, that I, Al Colombo, an alias to 'whom' and 'what' I really am, am willfully sitting at my desk writing something that I never thought I'd put into print for public consumption.

My Qualifications

Before we proceed into this extremely deep subject, let me explain to you why I'm a good fit for explaining this to you. I know there are those asking themselves "What makes this man qualified to even broach this subject?" Here the reason:

It's simple: I have a lifetime of OBE experiences starting in the crib.

OBE is a form of autoscopy (literally "seeing self"), although the term autoscopy more commonly refers to the pathological condition of seeing a second self, or doppelgänger.

The term out-of-body experience was introduced in 1943 by G. N. M. Tyrrell in his book Apparitions,[1] and was adopted by researchers such as Celia Green[2] and Robert Monroe[3] as an alternative to belief-centric labels such as "astral projection", "soul travel", or "spirit walking". OBEs can be induced by brain traumas, sensory deprivation, near-death experiences, dissociative and psychedelic drugs, dehydration, sleep, and electrical stimulation of the brain,[4] among others. It can also be deliberately induced by some.[5] One in ten people have an OBE once, or more commonly, several times in their life. (Wikipedia,

Pre Event Discussion

Before we begin this long and arduous journey, let me say that an OBE can and often does occur when someone has an accident. From my experience and my research, I have concluded that this is a defensive mechanism designed to save self from experiencing the immense pain that can come from such an injury. It also can happen at the time of death.

For example, in or about 1971, at the age of 21, I experienced an electrical shock of approximately 180,000 VAC by way of an X-Ray transformer designed to output 90,000 VAC. I was an X-Ray head repair technician for Weber Dental in Canton, Ohio, at the time. I was in my basement working on my workbench when the mistake took place (no, I was not at work, working on an X-Ray head).

When I came to, I was hardly able to breath and it took me 20 minutes or more to gather the strength to get up off the floor 20 feet from my work bench. An AEP lineman, a friend, told me that I had experience death and that it was the fall to the concrete floor that revived my heart. It took me 20 minutes to oxygenate my body because I had been dead for a short time.

The Power of OM/Aum

There was a tremendous vibration that ebbed and coursed through me at the time as I regained consciousness, the same vibration that I experience when I go out of body. That vibration is none other than OM, also known as Aum (I spoke of this in my Oct. 1, 2018 blog post, entitled Revealing the Hidden Things or Coming Out of the Closet. I also spoke of OM/Aum in my Oct. 7, 2018 blog entry entitled Where to Find Om.

Listen, this blog post is going to take me some time to assemble, and it's not going to take place today. Most likely it won't be completed even in two parts because there's SO VERY MUCH to share with you about it. But in the process of telling you about OBE's, I'll also be explaining the Big Picture and our place in it, at least a good portion of it.

If you know of someone who's interested in this kind of thing, here's a shortened link to give them that will enable them to read it for themselves:

So, without further ado? "Have a Merry Christmas," and look for my part 2 next week!

--Al Colombo

OBE's Part 2
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