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Friday, February 19, 2021

SkyNews Video Outlawed by Facebook - Not Here

This interesting video deals with the future of the GOP.
Facebook of course doesn't want you to see it. 

A friend on Facebook posted this on his Facebook page and they promptly took it off.  I don't think that Facebook liked it.  This is all the more  reason to share it. --Al Colombo
"Australia standing firm on its commitment to legislating the media bargaining code has received ample praise in America, particularly among the conservative media, says Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine. 

'In the conservative media there is a lot of admiration for Australia,' she told Sky News.

'But the idea that Facebook is now as powerful as a sovereign nation - I mean we saw it was more powerful than a US president – now it is trying to force sovereign nations to bend to its will.

'The fact that Scott Morrison has pushed back so strongly and that Australia is standing its ground and is a model for the world has won it a lot of plaudits in America.' 

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