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Saturday, December 19, 2020

COVID-19: When the Numbers Simply Don't Add Up!

There's only one chance to get this right, so let's be objective.

There are times in life when truth is stranger than fiction. Truthfully, the COVID-19 Pandemic is exactly that--stranger than fiction. In fact, the issue of a pandemic IS FICTION. 

It's my firm belief that unless we as business people do not gain a firm understanding of what's going on here with the COVID-19 Lockdowns, that we're NOT going to have a business in the end with which to earn our livings as well as help our employees do the same. You must look at the numbers and frankly, we're not and the popular news media aren't either. 

By the CDC's own numbers: 

When you're done watching the video below, there are a ton more of what Dr. Scott Jenson has to share on the insanity that's going on around us. To watch his videos, click here!


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