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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Another Health Care Worker Questions the On-Going Horror-Flick Narrative

I knew that it would only be a matter of time until
health care workers would start telling all...

image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' A good friend of mine sent the following extremely informative information to me. Someone he knows who happens to work in the medical community decided that it's time to stand up and speak out. I'd say now is the right time. What's past time is our willingness to stand up and question the narrative with him.
Do we handle this like India's Mahatma Gandhi? Or do we take up arms and force local and state authorities to abandon the story line they're so affectionately holding on to for dear life? If we don't stop this nonsense now, it'll lead to United Nations involvement, which will include a myriad of Chinese soldiers.

Concern Almost From the Start

As many of my readers know, almost from the start I've been concerned about this "virus narrative," as presented by Democratic leaders in the Congress. Why? Because what I know about them is this, they always prepare the masses for their upcoming manipulative ploy by promoting movies about it in order to prime the general public.

My apology to those who lost a love one from COVID-19, but when the videos from China came along early on, even I got caught up in the fear of it. I mean, in one video I even heard the sound of gunshots, which I assumed to be gov't operatives putting people out of their misery. At one point, I even imagined the dead coming back to life--just like in the popular movies!

When I finally stopped my fears from further consuming and shadowing my commonsense, I stepped back and took a good look at what was happening and I had to admit that something was amiss. Then, after a period of time--let's call it a cooling down period--health care officials began to surface, questioning the CDC and WHO with hard, cold facts that countered these org's claims.

Another Health Care Worker Comes Forward

Enough of my thoughts on the matter. let's hear from someone immersed in the subject by way of their profession in the medical community:
OK, I've held my tongue for awhile and I'm finally feeling like it's time to say something now that I'm seeing more people question the validity of this C-19 debacle. In my job,(healthcare related) I see and talk to a lot of business people on a daily basis - until last week. I've done a ton of research and reading on my own, and know two RN's that have actively worked in large hospitals who confirm that yes, C-19 does exist, but what really happens is that if patients enter a hospital for let's say serious heart problems, the latter is NOT the primary diagnosis listed. Instead, the diagnosis reads, "Covid-19 with other underlying conditions."

Most of those people recover and go back home, but the Oregon Health Authority counts that as a positive test result whether it was or not. I had an oncologist tell me a few weeks ago that if one of his stage 4 cancer patients dies,the Dr. is mandated to put Covid-19 as the final diagnosis on the death certificate, even though the patient died of cancer. If a person is hospitalized for any reason, with a C-19 dx, the hospital receives extra government funds, and that's why this is such a big deal.

Three weeks ago tomorrow, I spent time with a local mortician in Salem, OR. He is the owner, funeral director, & mortician who does everything from picking up a body to embalming, to hosting the funeral and overseeing the burial or cremation. This person has owned the business for many years and is well acquainted with all the other funeral business owners in the county and nearby areas. I asked him MANY questions about the embalming process - "Were the body fluids of a C-19 person confined to a separate container than body fluids from a non-positive person? Answer: No, all fluids are put into a same container until it reaches the labeled full mark. Eventually, all containers are shipped to Portland to a disposal company that takes care of the final disposal of fluids.

After talking about several other issues and having he and his wife half laugh in obvious disgust and disdain of the OHA daily bulletins with "facts" that are lies (they get those bulletins also plus some from WHO and CDC) the husband, I finally asked, since the middle of March when we started hearing of Covid-19 deaths, how many bodies have you picked up and tested that were truly positive results? (He had already told me that a mortician is state required to test a body within 48 hours after receiving it)

He glanced at his wife and held up 3 fingers. WHAT? Are you telling me you've only had 3 bodies that have tested positive out of all the Salem area? He shook his head yes, and quietly repeated the number. He then gave me a synopses of the circumstances with the 3 individuals and only one truly died of symptoms of C-19. We talked some more of the HUGE fallacies Oregonians and other people are being told and he was in total agreement that this "disease" is far less widespread than regular flu but the government needs to bankrupt as many businesses as possible in order to seize control financially in order for the democrats to turn over the USA to one world government and a single currency system.

Fast forward to the following Tuesday afternoon when I saw a local oral surgeon and his wife at their residence. We were talking about how C-19 has affected his practice and he also was irate about the government take-over and indicated that in his mind, it's a total hoax. I briefly told him the story of the mortician and wife that I talked to a few days earlier and asked the oral surgeon to guess how many bodies of positive C-19 that mortician had seen. His answer " Maybe one or two?'

I was shocked at his low estimate until he laughed and said his wife's brother is a funeral director/owner in Kaiser and as of that date, had not seen a single body positive for C-19. Let these statistics hit you between the eyes!! Two morticians in the counties who average 3-5 bodies per day in their normal daily work, and only 3 people tested positive in a little over 3 months.

This should make all of you scratch your heads, and if you have even the most elementary math skills, this should make you stick your neck out of the sand and begin questioning all manner of things that we are being told. C-19 truly is a cover-up for much more serious matters that are happening behind closed doors, but it's a good way to gain control of our minds so that we can be channeled towards doing whatever the government says WHEN they tell us to do certain things. I have more statistics I can give if you truly want to hear them.

In Conclusion

The question is, do you really want to cower in your home, accepting the "new norm" when so many professionals are brave enough to come forward and risk their medical career to tell the world what's REALLY going on? What's stopping you from taking to the streets? At least stand up and call your governor's office to voice your anger.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post today. I welcome your opinion and look forward to hearing from you!

Al Colombo

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Monday, June 29, 2020

More Deadly Than War - A Lecture by G. Edward Griffin (The Peaceful Takeover of America)

The plan to divide America using the race card!
image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' To my Liberal, Democrat friends, as well as those who believe that Communism is dead, when it's actually not.

This involves the plan to divide America using race as a means of doing so. In this lecture, Mr. Griffin talks about the various Americans who joined the Communists in their efforts to subvert and destroy the "Free World." He discusses the Marxist agenda and what he had to say decades ago is now coming to life right in front of our eyes.

According to Mr. Griffin, both Russia and China have had a hand in the

division of American Society.

In a word, what we're seeing now appears to be the end phase of what has been a long and glorious battle for the hearts, minds, and the inner workings of government here in the United States of America.

We're only going to get once chance to stop the Communists from attaining their goal, and so we need to take a look back at what men like Mr. Griffin had to say about the Communist plan to destroy the "Free World."

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Chinese Intelligence Apparatus in the United States

This past Sunday many of us on Google+ discussed the issue of Chinese purchase of a wind farm near a U.S. Military base. The story, entitled Not just tilting at windmills (The Economist), provided interesting information on how the Obama administration stopped the purchase of a wind farm in Oregon.

There were those who couldn't believe that the U.S. Government would interfere with business, not to mention the act of insulting a trade partner as important as China. However, as I pointed out at the time, it's folly to even think of allowing any Chinese State-owned company to set up camp near a military base.

I stated, "Here's the primary reason why you do not want China anywhere near a military base: SIGINT. Call it paranoia if you wish, but it's NATIONAL SECURITY and I would expect nothing less from the Chinese Gov't if the roles were switched."

As a webmaster myself, I can attest to the fact that most of the hacking and spamming attempts that I see on my servers come from the Chinese and Russian Federations. There is literally no limit to which they will go to glean critical information from both military and private/public government contractors.

Here we are again, Chinese made telecommunication equipment is now suspect of providing spy potential for the Chinese Government within the U.S. and other countries.

"To the extent these companies are influenced by the state, or provide Chinese intelligence services access to telecommunication networks, the opportunity exists for further economic and foreign espionage by a foreign nation-state already known to be a major perpetrator of cyber espionage," the Committee wrote in a 52-page report.

Specifically, the committee outlined the threat of "malicious" computer technology being used to access U.S. trade secrets, research and development data and negotiating platforms "China would find useful in obtaining an unfair diplomatic or commercial advantage over the United States."

Source: House Report Flags Chinese Telecom Firms on Espionage Fears (PBS Newshour)

The moral of the lesson that our citizens should take away from this is simple: We cannot trust the Chinese. I'm not sure how many of our allies that we can truly trust, especially when the current administration fails to firmly stand behind Israel and other traditional allies.

In a word, we need to put National Security first, business second, while attending to business first to assure a strong national defense.