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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Gets Vaccine With Orange Cover Still on the Needle! "What a Show!"

The Power Elite claim they'll show us there's nothing to be afraid of, but...

The vaccine is here and people are taking it without even knowing if it's safe. Linda, my lovely wife, shared with me a screenshot of Nancy Pelosi supposedly taking the vaccine... only the orange  protective cap was still on the needle! (it's not really funny) 

Here's the verification needed to determine whether the allegation of Pelosi pretending to get a vaccine shot is on point... When she tried to post it on her Facebook timeline, FB wouldn't allow her to do it!  

How stupid does the Elite think that we are?  If it wasn't so serious I'd get a good laugh out of it.

Check it out:

In the words of a friend of mine who is a nurse when they saw this: 
I thought it was a joke and how naïve people are to believe the lying media. Even the most unintelligent person could see the bevel is not in her arm. I literally rolled my eyes and kept scrolling. 
This is a spiritual battle for the soul of our nation. If people are really that brain washed to believe the lies of the media then maybe they need to open their Bibles and their spiritual eyes! Its a shame how asleep the church is!

For the serious researcher:

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