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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Smoking Gun Reveals COVID As a Plan to Enslave the World & to Reduce Population

If you've bought into the Coronavirus narrative, you need to dig deeper...

What I want to say to those who are involved in the perpetuation of this COVID-19 PSYOPS, if you're not aware of the final agenda(s), then you need to find out. Perhaps you're trusting the wrong people here. 

To those who know fool well what you're doing and what the final result is, you truly are a traitor to Human-Kind. Remember, if there's a Lucifer, there damn well is a GOD!  This is a world of dualism, and so there must be a GOD.  Just think of the reception you'll get from him (Lucifer) when your meager, sad little life is over... 

For those who don't know what's really going on, like you believe that this Coronavirus is truly that deadly, watch the following video: 

Here is a second video where an individual makes note of a document that I'd call a smoking gun. He also talks about the Rockefeller document and it's impact on the world in 2020 and beyond...

Watch for more videos and information on this WebLog. Your life could depend on it, and I'm not discussing this from a medical point of view, more from a political perspective. 

For the serious researcher:

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