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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The 'Big Liberal, Whiny Crybabies'

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I took a few minutes to read a post on a long-time Jewish Friend on Facebook when I came to the realization that if the 'Big Liberal, Whiny Cry Babies' get their way with our newly elected President, it will set a precedence. Not only that, from this time forward, we are assured of the fact that if a Republican who truly represents Conservative values is elected to that post, that the 'Big Liberal, Whiny Cry Babies' will do their crying, rioting, killing, and disrupting all over again, so what's the use... right?

Here's the thing, a man was elected president supposedly because an overwhelming majority of Electoral Votes went to his bid for the presidency. To allow 'Big Liberal, Whiny Cry Babies' to tar and feather President Trump and run him out of the White House on a rail makes this nation look like a nation of fools. Here we are, some of the most immature and lackluster presidents since 1992--both parties included, and the Proletariat's want to use 'Political Terrorism' tactics to have it their way--like little kids rebelling against their mommies and daddies.

My message to you is that you are making a mockery of one of the biggest, foremost positions in society and treating it as if it's a dog catcher's job. If you're one of these whiny little Leftist creeps, here's what I think of you...

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