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Monday, December 10, 2018

What's to Say About Retirement?

Thoughts, feelings, and conclusions concerning retirement.
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Retirement can be fun, or it can be hell. For some, it's a choice which one it is. For others, it is what it is. What about you?

As I sit in retirement, working nonetheless at building a business I’ve actually had and worked part time since 1995, I can’t help but feel out of touch, out of sorts, off center, as if I’d fallen off a horse and failed to jump back on. And yet, if you were to call me up (330-956-9003) and ask me what day it is, I’ll be quite able to tell you (today’s the 10th of December, 2018). That’s better than my wife who retired in 2016. Despite the fact that she comes and goes, is a member of several community organizations, she usually has to look at her cell phone to see what the date is.

And yet, I’m dogged with this feeling of societal disconnect.

When you consider the fact that I’m no longer getting up each day and running out the door to a 9-to-5 job, it’s probably easy to see why I feel disconnected. I’m use to working hard and long each day. And now, even though I work hard and long for myself, I’m no longer in an office environment where I’m eye-to-eye with others.

We all say retirement is great, but for many of us it’s not. But I’m learning to enjoy some of the freedoms that it provides. Now, instead of dividing my time between a full-time job, managing someone else’s business, I can manage my own.

It’s different for sure.

Assignment: Those of you who are already retired, how are you dealing with the idle time it presents? Those of you who are still a ways from the "big dive," what do you plan to do to stay busy? Feel free to comment below, use the contact form on the left, or send me your thoughts by email--let’s chat about it a bit.
--Al Colombo

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