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Monday, July 19, 2021

The Making of a Socialist America

These are the times that try men's souls. --Thomas Paine

In 1958, at the age of 8, I was busy listening to foreign shortwave radio stations, such as Radio Hilversum Holland. It wasn't long until I began listening to Radio Moscow, then Radio Havana Cuba. Radio Moscow was the most listened to shortwave radio station I listened to, however.

Radio Moscow was (still is) the Soviet Union's shortwave broadcasting station that beamed Communist propaganda from behind the “Iron Curtain” to young minds like mine in the “Free World.” I listened on a daily basis and in time it made a long-lasting impression on my mind. It took me 32 years to undo the tangle that this created.

These terms, “Iron Curtain” ( and “Free World” (, were freely bantered about with regards to the apparent tug-a-war that was taking place between the free and Democratic nations of the West and the Soviet Union and its allies in the East. Note that the above links lead to other stories that will help you better understand what these terms meant to those who lived through the Cold War.

My Interest in Other Peoples of the World

Despite my youth, I was interested in the issues that pertain to the everyday lives of the Russia people. Most of the time, Radio Moscow told about the wonderful life that Russian citizens experienced. Capitalism was cast in an extremely ugly, negative light. The view presented was skewed and manipulated beyond reality with a final warning: “Capitalism will one day be brought to an end without Russia firing a single shot,” or something to that effect.

By the age of 14, I decided to send a letter to Moscow, asking them to use me for the good of Mother Russia. However, I was disappointed with the result. No one knocked on the door and asked my parents permission to speak with me about my place in the Socialist order of things. And yet, I'm relatively certain that they sat back and watched me grow from a boy to a young man. I'm also relatively certain they had assets in our local school(s) who worked to shape and mold my mind into that of a good little Socialist. Why not? I was willing and able.

We'll never know for sure why that knock didn't come. Perhaps I was simply too young at the time to be of value.

I've told you all this because it's important for you to understand that hundreds of thousands if not millions of young minds were inevitably reached--indoctrinated by the Communist regime in Russia using Radio Moscow. They also had infiltrated our society with individuals who were willing to do their bidding. These were and still are home-grown traitors. But isn't this what any radio outreach campaign is all about?

There were other shortwave stations that also made an effort to connect Westerners. Radio Havana Cuba was one of them. They were on the air every single day offering up a healthy dose of Communistic, Socialistic rhetoric. Radio Havana Cuba routinely relayed programming that came from Russia and other Communist nations. They also sent propaganda into the US aimed at inciting division and descent among Blacks. It came in the form of literature geared to fuel division and promote Socialism/Communism as well as radio broadcasts.

Today, you can clearly see similar tactics in process through the various news organization that President Donald J. Trump so affectionately called “Fake News.” One thing they have done, and done well I might add, is routinely remind my Black brothers and sisters that they are different than whites, and from there they've sought to instill resentment and victimhood in order to stimulate civil disobedience. Another way of looking at it is that from this group of angry people the Left will recruit Obama's famous “Citizen Army.”

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