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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

A nurse is terminated on camera without proper paperwork and Sheriff explains the ramifications of bad vaccine mandated decisions at the county level.

The loss of a job, termination for exercising one's right to decide what is placed in their body is not only sad, it's unamerican to say the very least. Watch and  cry for humanity and society at large.

People's lives are being destroyed because of the vaccine mandate (which is not legal in the manner that it's being done). The agenda cannot be health related because doctors and nurses are losing their incomes and their accreditation for exercising their right to decide what they put into their bodies. Most of them already have natural immunity!!

Here are two videos, one of a nurse who recorded her termination (without proper paperwork) and the other is the Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Both videos are worth your time to watch. Also, YOU can make a real difference in this fight by sharing this page (  

If anyone thinks that I personally enjoy posting and commenting on these things, you are very much mistaken. I enjoyed my retirement w/o this BS, and that is exactly what this COVID-19 fiasco is... a means to an end, a very deceptive vehicle upon which they expect to destroy our economy in order to create a Communist, Marxist state.

Please watch and share (!


If you haven't taken the vaccine, I hope you'll do your homework and continue to resist!

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