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Monday, December 28, 2020

To Our Men and Women in Blue!

Here's my message to our LEO community.

I have always supported you in many ways. Now, it's time for you to protect me and other Americans from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)

First, by the CCP's own admission, they have had an inroad directly to the top of our gov't since 1970.

Second. what's going on has nothing to do with a virus, not when the numbers tell us that less than 1% of those who contract it die (99+% survive it). If our LEO's participate in this take-over process, there is no hope for this Republic. It will not survive. Please review the charts below:

If the above charts aren't enough for you, give this a try. The total number of all deaths in the US for this year is on par with last year! Only a brain-dead person won't be able to conclude that the pandemic part of this is a scam. Here's the numbers:

Here is a video with a Chinese professor laying it all out. This video was removed from the Internet:

The Governors do not create law, it's the state legislature that does that. Just because the Governor issues an edict to be followed does not make it law. This is what they do in Communist nations, not one that goes by the Rule of Law. Following lawful orders means following what the legislature says, but that's only if it's lawful by the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land is it not?

The Combat Arms Survey

in 1991, a USAF CO friend told me about the Combat Arms Survey. The 46th question posed to military was, in essence, "guns are outlawed and citizens have 30 days to return them to local law enforcement. Would you, if ordered to do so, fire on Americans during house to house gun confiscations?"

He told me that 90+% of his base said NO! State police were given the same survey and 95% said HELL NO! Through this survey they ascertained that anyone with 15 years of service or more were too patriotic to obey Constitutionally unlawful orders. This resulted in early retirements, base closures, and the routing of most of our active forces over sea's.

Now you know why they got rid of the good guys.

This is a direct link to this webpage:

For the serious researcher:

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