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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Just Say No! -- Thousands Have Died From These Vaccines, And Now Children Are Allegedly Dying

I'm not a doctor, but I still have a brain...

Medical doctors, vaccine scientists, and others involved in the medical field say that thousands have died, and now it's Society's children that are dying from the vaccines. 

Schools Bypassing Parental Control?

It was bad enough when schools began requiring children to take them, but now, they're working to find ways to negate parental consent! They want little kids to decide for themselves! I kid you not!  

The digitized photo of a Epoch Times story entitled, "New DC Law Would Give Vaccine Decisions to 11-year-olds, Cut Parents Out," (left) tells the tale as to their intentions as far back as November of last year! To enlarge, just click on the photo. To download it, click here

Here is a video of a Human Rights Attorney, Leigh Dundas,  reaming the butts of her local school board for looking at ways to bypass the parents of their school's young charges. 

Listen! If you believe in parental rights, then YOU better step up to the plate and go attend your next school board meeting!  You can also help by SHARING this short article and video. The direct link is:

Here's the video: 

VIDEOS: President Donald Trump's First Rally Since the White House

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