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Monday, October 25, 2021

So This is what America Has Come To

All those who fought and died and those injured beyond repair,
have they done so for what we see happening now?

In a short teaser in the Sept 29-Oct 5th Epoch Times newspaper, page A1, it says, “Thousands of nurses and other healthcare workers across New York state have lost their jobs or been suspended due to noncompliance with the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

The story resumes on page A7 where it speaks to the impact that this may or may not have on major hospitals. 

“That would leave tens of thousands of hospital workers slated for termination.”

America's Frontline Doctors Org (image)
For good info: America's Frontline Doctors

What’s strange about the hospital spokesmen for these once non-political bastions of health care is that all of them cited in the story say that 91%, 92% of their respective workforce have had the jab. Only one hospital was honest enough to tell the Epoch Times journalist that non-elective surgeries will be affected by this. 

I’ve heard other news agencies quote other hospitals and they say that over 90% of their workforce have been jabbed. What I’m leading up to is that it’s hard to believe that all hospitals are in the same percentage range as it applies to vaccinated workers. Am I saying that someone’s lying? 

My Message To Health Care Workers

Self Spreading Vaccines (image)
Self Spreading Vaccines 
I ask you, would these people lie? Could the percentage of jabbed workers be much lower? I don’t know the answer to that but what I do know is that the Left, being schooled by the best psyops experts from Russia and China, will do ALL they can to make YOU feel isolated, alone, and in a growing minority in order to prompt you to take the clot shot. Don’t give in. Just say no. 

If you have doubts about this, watch Dr. Christina Parks as she exposes the establishment's misleading mRNA vaccine claims:

I’ve told this story countless times, but early on in my K12 experience, I had a teacher who taught us about Communism, Marxism, Facism, as well as many of the tactics used by these enemies of a once free world as they seek to overtake and enslave the world. I could talk about this all day, but I’ll end my thought for today (10/6/21) by mentioning their use of “Herd Mentality.”

German Nazi Adolph Hitler (image)
German Nazi Adolph Hitler
No one wants to be marginalized by being in the minority, especially when members of the Left use it to demean and demonize those on the Right. So they fudge the numbers to make you feel as if your part of a subclass, like the Nazi’s did to the Jewish in the 30’s and 40’s.

If you read my work on this WebLog, you’ll see that I often refer to this nation as the New Germany. Now, instead of the Jews, they’re marginalizing the unvaccinated. Of course, this is not just a national issue, it's global as the powers that be, the invisible seats of power spoken of by God in His Word, seek to introduce the iron fist of tyranny across the planet.

As a Nurse or Doctor, You Must Know Something’s Wrong With The Narrative

Because you’re a healthcare professional, you know the jab isn’t safe, and even if you were to believe that it is, you know that the massive push to vaccinate every man, woman and child is downright wrong.

The proof of the pudding is in the number of CV19 deaths, NOT in the number of cases. Read one of our latest articles with numbers here:

For those who disbelieve these numbers, read this WebLog post on what laboratories have seen under the microscope where it comes to these so-called vaccines:

We all know something is wrong with all this, especially you… We all know deep in our hearts that a large percentage of our medical community has given in to the “Dark Side,” by making a business out of CV19. They will say and do anything they can to convince you that you’re all alone and that what you’re doing will have no effect on them and their operations… but don’t believe them. 

Stay the course, just say no.  

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