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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Vaccine Deep State Issues Warning to Natural News' Mike Adams

When you know 20+ years in advance of an event, and then when it happens, you have to sit up and take notice. Mike Adams of Natural News recently was told what's going to happen if he continues to warn people that these vaccines are deadly.

Most of us have a very narrow view of the vaccine issue. Many of us believe that the issue of killer vaccines just came about since the beginning of 2020, or at least many of us have this sense of what's happening to us. But it's wrong.

Personally, I began following politics back in the 1980's. I subscribed to at least two news magazines, such as US News and World Report, Time magazine, and News Week; in addition to our local newspaper. What this means is that I've lived long enough to see the continuity of past and present events, usually labeled as conspiratorial theories.

For example, I saw things discussed in the Clinton's White Water investigation that actually reverberated back to the Contra Affair of the 1980's, in this case by way of a Time magazine article on a lone military C132 airplane that went down with two CIA pilots. The plane was filled with cocaine and U.S. Military small arms. At the time, no one could figure out what that was about... until Terry Reed revealed Clinton's Guns-for-Drugs SpecOp (See

All this is to say that the issue of a killer vaccine(s) is not new. More than 20 years ago, one of the individuals I worked with in the military intelligence world warned me about a planned pandemic designed to depopulate the world. They said that a low-level virus would be contrived like the swine flu, and it would be hyped up and people would flock to get vaccinated. However, he said that it's what's in the vaccine that will kill a good number of people, not the virus to which we seek protection from.... Their words of warning was this: Don't take the vaccine! 

In the 1990s through 2005, I was the publisher of a Website called Giant Killers Organization (see I did not go into details, but some of my articles and opinion pieces focused on the dangers of vaccines, in an effort to call into question whether they are safe. I quoted articles from Natural News and others that did the same. 

Natural News has been on the forefront of these warnings, and they have remained so all these years. Well, now, the publisher of that Website has been warned what will happen if he continues... You should want to hear this, especially if you're still considering taking the "jab." 


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