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Saturday, October 16, 2021

WHISTLEBLOWER: Revelations of a Credible Respiratory Therapist

The following information will help you understand
that COVID-19 has become BIG Business

The need for unadulterated information is extremely important when making health-related decisions
for yourself and members of your immediate family. This evening, I'd like to discuss the issue of hospitals and doctors making a lucrative income on the back of COVID-19, some to the point of abandoning the spirit of their Hippocratic Oath (this opens a new window).

In this regard, I'd like to discuss the sad issue of ventilators, especially in New York City where the death toll early on due to the enormous number of deaths as related to their use is not only sad but staggering to ponder: 
  1. When a hospital has an admission of individuals who are presumed to have COVID-19,  through Medicare they automatically receive $13,000. 
  2. That's not all, when said hospital puts these patients on a ventilator, Medicare automatically awards them with a check for $39,000. 

So you're wondering why this is such a big deal.  Well, normally it wouldn't be--although normally they would never receive these huge fees for doing their job. But even more importantly, there are people who are blowing the whistle on all this, especially concerning all the deaths in NYC. 

I have several videos, and if you really want to know the facts behind this, you'll take time to watch each and every one of them. This first video aired back in May of 2020, shortly after this all began. Here a nurse tells what's  happening to patients when the go to ER for help. She reveals that when many of them walk in, many of them won't walk out. It's on  YouTube, and I'm surprised it's still on that platform: 

This next one aired in April of 2020, and it's a doctor who happens to be a state senator in the Minnesota State Senate.  He not only mentions how the authorities are passing the COVID-19 numbers, but he reveals the amount of money the hospitals get...


This led Dr. Scott Jensen, that Minnesota State Senator, to work with another legislator to purchase death certificates to investigate what was on them as far as the cause of death.  That information was nothing less than a revelation itself. 

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