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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Find out who is lying or hiding something

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Eye Talk. - They eyes show how people think.

Discover who is lying or hiding something by Eye Talk.

Asking the right questions at the right time for the right reason - get the eyes to talk.

    The 3 Key Indicators:
  • The eyes show how people think.
  • The face shows how people feel
  • The hands display how people react.

The secret is in using the MiM Questioning methods to find out the Why ? and for interrogation to find the Fear. The MiM method heightens situational awareness!

MiM is NOT only body language... it is language based ( questioning methods to comprehend the situation and clarify position)... It is used for interviewing, investigation and interrogation. The learning method 'heightens situational' awareness which has been applauded by the top security and investigative minds.

Try out the Eyes for now, so that you can see a tangible result.

You can download the Free App onto your phone. In this way, you can view the info just before meeting others in order to prime your brain and align your nervous system in order to derive the mind-set of Heightened Situational Awareness.

The app will give you a series of services including up-to-date news and a variety of social media channels sponsored by ISIO.

Go to MiM to obtain the E- Connect Course Application Tool and to purchase the Master in Mind lie-detection course. The cost is surprisingly low and you have access to the on-line lessons, which includes valuable information on cultural differences for up to one year from the date of purchase.

For the serious researcher:

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