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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Self-Replicating, Self-Spreading COVID-19 Vaccines Assure That EVERYONE Gets It - Whether They Want It Or Not!

If a woman has the right to chose what she does with the little life growing inside her body with respect to the medical procedure we call "Abortion," then why don't all of us have the right to say no to this experimental genetic therapy?  --Al Colombo

Recently I introduced you to a number of videos produced by concerned doctors, scientists, and other professionals in the medical field. Here's a list of them for you to watch and read (clicking on them opens up a new window):

  1. Expert Reveals Injected People May Be 'Primed For Death'
  4. Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics regarding Covid, vaccine, & treatments.
  5. Elder Scientist Sharpshoots the Experimental Genetic Injection
  6. World Renown Vaccine Specialist Says There's a Coming World Catastrophe On the Way NOW!
  7. Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic - Benefits versus Risks: Interview with Geert Vanden Bossche

So, the first three on this list talk about self-replicating genetic vaccines that have the ability to self spread to those who have not taken the vaccine by those who have. When I listened to the doctors and scientists who talked about this on the videos, I believed what they had to say, but none of them brought it home for me. Then, this morning, I ran across a news item that stated that Johns Hopkins University has acknowledged the existence of self-spreading vaccines. Frankly, I never gave such a thing any thought until now. 

What I'm going to share with you is page 45 of a 71-page report on recent vaccine science. The document speaks to animal vaccines as well as those used to spread throughout the human population without any concern whatsoever about personal choice. 

Those of you who love to say you follow the science, well, here it is in front of your face. Add the FACT of self-spreading vaccines to the allegation that some of these vaccines are interfering with child birth and you now have a  real problem on your hands the effects of which will be realized for generations to come (Note #1: I'll post links after the  image so you can download the full doc, download page 45, or visit the website where it came from. Note #2: Click on the image to enlarge it.): 

Self-Spreading Vaccines

Click here to download the entire document from John Hopkins' server.

Direct link to this page:

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